While many venues have a long way to go to becoming good employers, this report focuses explicitly on C Venues. This is because, time and time again, their terrible working practices have been brought to our attention by their employees and former employees. Indeed, stories of C Venues overworking, underpaying and generally mistreating their staff were one of the reasons why our campaign began in the first place.

This report outlines problems, which the public were not previously aware. This report will detail the many ways in which the C Venues model is broken. We expect Fringe venues to operate fair and decent working conditions. These expectations are in our Fair Fringe Charter and include measures such as paying staff the living wage, paying staff an equal wage for equal work, and ensuring there is an anti-sexual harassment policy in place.

The report will state why, unless they undertake a complete overhaul, they should no longer be allowed to participate in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Report here: C VENUES REPORT